Get This Party Started!

We live in an upstairs apartment. The people underneath are generally nice people. There are fours kids close to my boys' ages. The mom gives my boys a ride to school in the morning, and I walk home with the six kids in the afternoon.

Yesterday, the oldest little boy knocked on our door around noon to invite the boys to his birthday party. The invitation he gave said 1:00 that day, but he told us it was at two. An hour later, he comes up again to tell us it's at three now.
So, at three, we go outside. We see the younger boy across the street with some of the other kids in the neighborhood. The party's at 3:30 now, and the kids are all playing on the playground until their mom tells them it's time.
There's a little boy across the street who's in Darin's class. He and his brother and sister were invited, and also on the playground. Above them lives another little boy in Darin's class. He saw everyone out on the playground, and came out to play, too. They're all friends. But he was heartbroken to find out everyone had been invited to the party but him and his sister. The birthday boy had just forgotten about, though, and ran home to ask his mom if it was okay to invite them now. She was fine with it, of course. She already had eleven kids coming over. What's two more?
At four, she finally called the kids in because the hot dogs were ready. All the kids ran in, and she told me they were just have hot dogs and cake, sing Happy Birthday, and watch him open his presents. It wouldn't be more than an hour. So I left my boys at a birthday party for the first time. I've always stayed with them before. But they were just downstairs. I could hear them all playing. They went outside for a little bit, and I could see them from my porch. But I was still sitting on my hands, watching the clock. I'm not used to leaving them like that. An hour later, though, I heard them stomping upstairs, with two extra pieces of cake she gave them for later. They had a blast.
I have been working on Sweetheart Fence the past couple days. I enjoy it alot when I get past my procrastinating. This morning I found Raise The Roof released a new fence at Nashville. So I will have to get that soon. What's funny about it though, was this morning, while I was working on a Valentine fence two days after Valentine's Day, I thought, "St. Patrick's Day is next. They should do a St. Patrick fence!" And what do I find when I get online this morning? I'm hoping to find a floss list later, so I can see what I've got, what I need, and which of the green fabrics I have on hand they go best with. I've got a whole rainbow of PTP fabric, most of it, 28 ct. and sparkly.
I also have to figure out how to convince my hubby to let me buy it. When we moved, and he had to help me move my cross stitch storage carts because it was too heavy for me, he realized how much I already have. Since then, he's been very against me getting anything more than thread. But in my defense, I haven't bought anything except a couple skeins of DMC in almost a year. Maybe I'll go one day and just not tell him. He just knows I have alot. He doesn't know what I already have. He'd probably like that one though. Hmm. Must continue to ponder that one some more. I just need to get the chart. I have fabric, and he's okay with me buying threads/buttons/beads for what I've already got. And I should have at least a few of those colors already.
Last night I realized Tobi will be reading War And Peace by fourth grade. Last year, a friend who's son was in Tobi's class asked if her son was doing okay, because his journal wasn't at the same level as Tobi's. She told her her son was fine; don't compare to Tobi. Tobi was in kindergarten, reading on a second grade level.
I asked his teacher at the beginning of this year if she thought Tobi would be ready for some easy chapter books. Honestly, I was surprised when she told me yes, and suggested the Magic Tree house series. At the parent teacher conference, halfway through the first grading period (where they tell you how to read the report card), she told me about the reading levels. They range from A to Z. They are supposed to be at at least a C level when they start first grade. At the end of first grade, they're supposed to be at a level I. She said Tobi started the year at a level L, and had progressed to M by then. First grade teachers are not supposed to teach above N, and she said Tobi would be there by Christmas. She had to get my permission to let him continue to advance. And he's still advancing quickly. He'll be reading better than me soon, and I was an advanced reader, too!
So when they sent home the next book catalog from school, I ordered him the set of the first eight. We were reading the first one, when my mom told me she wanted to get him some books for his birthday and Christmas, and wanted to know what he'd like. So I told her told her to get him some more Magic Tree house books. He got two for his birthday, then four more for Christmas. So we have the first fourteen!
I went to the website to see it there were any that he would especially like. I found a printable passport there. You print it up and put it together. Then when you finish a book, you answer a couple questions on it, and if you get them all right, you get a "stamp" for that book to put in your passport. Tobi loves cutting out his stamps and gluing them in. And they name the place were Jack and Annie went in that book, Ancient Egypt, Wild West, etc. I thought, "That kinda reinforces the idea that books can take you to far away places." Then I realized, that's the whole premise of the books! Two kids find a tree house full of books, and if they look at one and say, "I wish we could go there," the tree house takes them there!
These books are on a mid to high third grade level. The first one took us awhile to get through, but now he's zipping through them. Last week, he read me one in less than a week! The last one we read took him four days. And it only took that long because I made him go to bed the third night. He wanted to finish the last two chapters! I've decided the next one we're going to read is going to be the one where they go to the moon and the future. After one on ancient Egypt, and then one on ancient Greece, I'm tired of correcting "ancient." "Pyramid," and "anonymous," no problem, but he has a problem with "ancient."
Jymi has his new computer. He's thrilled, and once he gets this program he ordered, I won't see him until he's hungry and comes out for food. My new computer is on it's way. They don't carry the one I want in the store, so it's being shipped here. It left today, and I should have it Wednesday or Thursday!
He bought me my new iPod and a case, too. It's very pretty! It's hard to find clear cases for the new Nanos, which doesn't make sense to me. Why would you get one in a pretty color, then cover it up? Mine's a gorgeous bright blue! I need new headphones for it though. Jymi wanted my new ones, because apparently he didn't want to wear my pink ones at work. They went with my old MP3 player, and I hadn't needed a new set since I'd stolen his iPod. But I don't like pink. And they don't match my iPod, so I need to go get some blue ones now. I like the pink ones because they block out the outside sounds really well. And I don't hear so good, so that helps alot. But they make the same ones in blue.
We're going to get my new glasses tonight. So now I just get to sit on my hands until Jymi gets home. Then sit on my hands and wait for my new computer. I'm not very patient.

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