Putting It Away

I recieved the next part of Citrine! It was in my inbox when I woke up this morning! I just printed it up, and figured while I had that computer on, I'd scan Dragonfly QS while I was there. This is as far as I got. Only about 6% more than when I put it away to do the first part. But even a little progress is progress.
The next part of Citrine doesn't look as confetti-ish as I had expected. So maybe it will only take me three months instead of four. But I've got Dragonfly put away, and Citrine on the Q-Snaps.
School didn't take long this morning. The teachers only needed three sheets copied, so I was finished with that before school had even started for the day. And the librarian was out today, so he had shelved all the books yesterday. Usually, he'll save them for me since he knows I'm coming. But subs don't usually put the books in the right spot. Some books, like popular series, have special spots, instead of just mixed in with the others. So I was home again by eight!
So now I'm going to have some lunch, and then work on Citrine! I can't wait to get to all the oranges. I think bright orange is a highly underused color in cross stitch.

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